Wednesday, May 10, 2006

A walk in the rain

Remember that walk I took sometime back? Well , I did it again yesterday. Except, this time , no camera , no cell phone, not even my ipod. Just me and my keys , so that I could get back into the apt. Earlier in the day, it had looked kinda cloudy. By the time I got out of the apt, we were having , what I like to call atomisor rain. It feels like some one up there sits with a spray bottle and keeps spraying little droplets. Kinda fun to walk in that. What made it even better, was the fact that I had the entire place all to myself. Like a greedy little hobbit, I revelled in this exclusivity and all but gloated "my precioussss"
There is a play area for little kids in the shiokaze koen. In the day time , little kids hog it. Yesterday night at around 9, you guessed it right. It was mine. Oh boy! Its been ages since I've been on a swing and loved every bit of the little time I spent on it. Imagine rain coming down and the sound of the waves lapping at the shore to keep you company and just water as far as the eyes can see. And, a swing. Bliss.
But I was determined to complete the walk , so , very reluctantly said bye to the swing and plodded on. Shiokaze led into the odaiba marine park and then on to the beach. Again just the light of the cruise boats on the calm water and me on the beach. One step in front of the other and thats it. Different shades of grey mixed with the orange and blues of the cruise boats and their occasional flicker. Even the rainbow bridge which is usually lit up was just a mute spectator to the play of light on the water. Oh yeah , how do I forget the lights of the ferriswheel. The colors and patterns on the wheel change every minute and one can watch it for ever. Its entertaining to watch this dance against the skyline. As a visiting blogger put it, its such a patel shot. Patel shot or not, its home and I love it.
On the way back, I picked up some fruit ice and walked back chomping on it. I was out in the rain for more than an hour. By the time , I got home, my hands were frozen, but my spirit felt warm and I guess thats what matters.


cheti said...


Apy said...

yeah right chet... :P
anyways ....

the way u described this.... cdn have been better.... i remember the walk wen the three of us went there.....n u painted the same picture.. of course it was not raining then..... but rest of it has been described wonderphooly...
10 points to Gryffindor

cheti said...

haha @ apy !

just wanted to play spoilsport !

BIlly > Rains + Swing and throw in a seashore > lovely. You have captured it very very well ! BEautiful !