Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Day 0

I picked up these two pots for 100 yens each . The blurb on the package says , " you can raise your own plants in the convenience of your own home. Planting the seed and watering it will make your nature experience more complete. "
The pots are made of compressed and molded coir and come with soil and seeds. I picked up mini tomato and sweet basil.
Years back , I'd taken to gardening with a vengeace. I found it very therapeautic to go out on the terrace and water my gazillion plants every time and any time the whim took me. It came to the point that my parents believed me to be the original green thumb. Then I took a break and after that the first plant I bought, I promptly killed. Took me a while to get any more plants. Finally got two and watched for quiet a while. When I was satisfied , that I was not going to kill them, I felt brave enough to get some more . By the time I was ready to quit, I had quite a collection.
And now, after another hiatus, I got these Natural pots ( thats what the package said) . Do I still have that green thumb. Can I look forward to some basil if not mini tomatoes. Dekhenge HUM LOG

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Apy said... again..

my dad has always loved his plants and made sure i watered them regularly..neva liked doing it out of compulsion ...but now i m thinkin of buyin one and trying not to kill it....i ve neva tried it on my own but Apy s been thinkin...
goood luck to u....