Sunday, May 28, 2006

Woh kagaz ki kashti

Ye daulat bhi le lo
Ye shoharat bhi le lo
bhale chheen lo mujh se meri jawani,
magar mujh ko lauta do , wo bachpan ka sawan
magar mujh ko lauta do , wo bachpan ka sawan
wo kagaz ki kashti , wo baarish ka paani..

So goes a favourite ghazal of mine. It goes on to recollect a childhood spend listening to grandma's stories and planning the weddings of dolls. A childhood spent in playing around in the sun and not worrying about the SPF values.

Saturday evening, I was where I wanted to be, a friend and I had tickets to Da Vinci Code , we had time to kill , paper in our hands and to complete the picture, it was raining. I guess the childhood was needed. For all the enthusiasm I have , for all the efforts I make to keep that child in me alive, its becoming a losing battle. Yes, we thought of making paper boats and if I could find a puddle , I am sure, I'd have tried sailing them too. But, first things first, the boats needed to be made. While my friend went on in basanti mode, I did a Jai and Veeru. Veeru laughing at all the talk and Jai trying to make the boat. It took me quite a few attempts, a couple of the brochures, but finally I made the boat. Must be the memory of making it an era back. And the fact that I am an obstinate gal and cannot let anything beat me. If I want to do something , I have to keep at it till I can.

And I guess, now I am showing my age. First I could not make the boat for the longest time ever and then I analysed it to heck and back.

I want that bachpan ka sawan back now!!!


cheti said...

well .. suddenly if you want to be child again ... you can ! but you cant be a child when you are not ! Thats actually the good thing about ! you can just suspend reality ! go back and come again !!! so no worries billy .. you are doing fine !

Salonii said...

Oh yeah - what I would not give to be a child again! Sigh! Never realised how good we had it until we grew up! :D

bharath said...

thats a very nice ghazal.

Manish mehra said...

I love this song wo kagaz ki kashti , wo baarish ka paani

Anonymous said...

I have not heard this song in years, after just hearing it on I realize that I can only make out every other word. In any case,
I came across this blog trying to find an English translation of this song. Do you know any good translations of this song? Any help or comments will be greatly appreciated.
Many thanks in advance