Sunday, March 05, 2006

Come take a walk with me

I moved to my current residence around mid december, and I thought, I'll take pics of the area and post them . Its taken me this long to actually do it . Lends more credence to the urdu/hindi idiom that translates to "everything in its own time". I finally got around to it today. I guess something one expects to happen, does happen once everything comes together nicely. I was home, weather was nice , pleasant to walk in and for once the camera had batteries that were not about to die anytime soon.
This is shiokaze koen . It starts right after I get out of my complex, and, I am guessing , once the spring/summer rolls around, I could take some more walks around here.

Since I particularly wanted to take pics of the sunset, I started around 4:30 in the evening. The sun was still out then and I got to take pics of two kind. The sunset kind when I took the pic on my left side and a sunny day pic when I turned to the right . What fun. Here's one to the left.

And here's one to my right. This couple was flying a kite which can be seen a little above them . Unfortunately they lost the kite as it dipped in the water. The last I saw them , they were trying to fish it out. The kite was the plastic kind , so I am hoping they were able to do so. I did not hang around to see if they actually did.

The Shiokaze park leads to the Odiaba maritime park and as I entered it, some bushes caught my attention. This is the picture of a hydrangea bush. These are flowers that bloom all over Tokyo, during the rainy season. The flowers die on the bush , drying away into wispy thin fragments. This particular bunch has dried away to twigs. And somehow, its beautiful even when bare.

As I walked away a little further, I came across this bush. Another hydrangea bush . Spring is beginning to touch it while winter is still trying to maintain its cold hold on it. As a result you see the bunch that had bloomed last summer and the leaves that herald the bloom of another summer. Past and present locked in a continuum.

And some more left right shots. The setting sun, seemingly setting the water on fire to my left, and

The rainbow bridge on my right.

And then I arrived to my own little joke. Any one who has asked me, If I miss Newyork, I ask , whatever for? I have my own statue of liberty. :) Those phallic projections are anchors that lie on the beach here.

As does this one. Only, it has found a proper resting place. This is the first time, I've seen this anchor though. It was low tide when I was taking my walk and that could have something to do with it.

And, at the end of my walk, another shot of the sunset. I guess, if I want the quintessential sun setting into the water kind of sunset on the beach shot, I am going to have to look for better vantage points. Hope you'll walk me with me then too.


bharath said...

the left-right shots brings to memory Two-Face played by Tommy Lee Jones in Batman Forever.

Nice shots as usual. you have surpassed sal in economy of words. I ask why? :P

Ram Prasad Bojanki said...

The 6th pic had all the ingredients of a perfect capture.Nice shot.

cheti said...

billy. I would say the same thing that I said to sal ! . The photos are fine. But withouth the words, they are lonely

Good photos

bottled-imp said...

hi bilbo, this is my second attempt at getting a comment on your site. i really liked the write up as well as the pictures. hope you will walk some more and show us (and write) a bit more of japan. and btw, i also saw a statue of liberty in our tour. dont remember if it was in vijayawada or in kakinada.

sigmund fraud said...

Two things.

1. Hydrangea? i am not sure.

2. The anchor finding a final place has some deep

Neat cheerful writing.

Fizo said...

loved the hydrangea bush pics bilbs...very nice...

your commentary too !!