Thursday, May 11, 2006

Just another mom's day post

Back, when I was in school, and then later in college, mom and I had a daily ritual. I’d get back home and then perch on the nearest surface available. It could be a counter top, a cylinder, a small stool or maybe a chair I’d dragged in. The important thing was to be sitting down, preferably close to mom where she was making my lunch for me. And then I’d go into motor mouth mode and give her an account of the day, moment-by -moment, word-to-word. I haven’t done that in ages, but it spoiled me. I can’t have leftovers, so cook my meals whenever I can and to this day, hate to open the door of my empty apt with no mom to talk to.

The Master’s program changed things a bit. I was at a hostel, and not coming home that frequently and even then there were plenty of things that were going on. The ritual underwent a metamorphosis and it was more on the lines of gal time than anything else. While mom updated me on the gossip in her social circle, I did mom’s nails. She is much fairer than me and any nail paint I have looks way much better on her than me. So its always fun to do her nails. And then mess around with her hair. Ever since I remember, I’ve loved playing with her hair. Her’s are long and silky and non fussy. I’ve recently started growing my hair and while I am forever on the look out for the perfect shampoo conditioner combo for my hair-with-an-attitude-problem, hers are forever tangle free and shiny. She does have a strand of white, which I try to disguise with henna. That's fun too.

On my birthday last year, I wasn’t feeling too well. I also had a relatively free day at work. So I took the day off and spent it at home. At the last moment, I got a salon appointment and got a haircut. While mom kept asking what I wanted to have for my special day, I just wanted to lie low and have a slow lazy day. I did not even bake a cake. Mom met me at Arisugawa koen after my salon appointment and we just spent a nice winter afternoon sitting in the sun. And in the evening she made something special just for me. I don’t think I could have had a better b’day.

My folks left for Ho chi Minh soon after that, and, my b’day was probably my last gal time here with mom. I am leaving for Nam in June and mom is going to pick me up at the airport. We have one day all to ourselves before dad and bros join us. I am looking forward to some gal time then. This time I am hoping to shoot a nice portfolio of hers. I don't think I can get a better bakri then her to satisfy the shutter bug in me.


Apy said...

n now i miss home n i m sad... miss mom...

nice post BTW

bilbo said...

dude , weren't you just home like 3 wks back. Geez the way ppl crib :P

parikrama said...

Kitchen mein motor-mouth giri karte karte U picked up on cooking skills aswell!! Now we know whom to thank.. Ur mom ofcourse..

Hope the days fly thick n fast & U get to be with her soon.

siggy said...

Happy Mother's Day !!!

.m. said...

>>I am forever on the look out for the perfect shampoo conditioner combo

er.. you are to keep me updated on this one :)

happpy mother's day to your mum! she's cool to let you play around with her nails and hair :) nice post bilbsie!

bilbo said...

parikrama, yep. motor- mouth giri has its advantages. I did not realise it then , but on a subconcious level , I did absorb how each dish sounded looked and smelt while it was being cooked. so much so that I dont have to taste the stuff I make to know if it has come out well. It usually does.

hope your mom had a nice day too.

I am currently used clairol and the honey banana thingie from bodyshop. Just bought the one with olives. Will let you know how it works. The honey banana works really well though. It just smells too strong and gives me a headache. They really need to come out with a fragrance free range for odd ones like me