Saturday, May 20, 2006

A Philosophy

" Everybody in the world, little and big, has one special friend, a friend that he is glad to favours to-not sour about it, but glad- glad clear to the marrow. And so, I don't care where you start, you can get at anybody's ear that you want to - I don't care how low you are, nor how high he is. And its so simple: you've only to find the first friend, that is all; that ends your part of the work. He finds the next friend himself, and that one finds the third, and so on , friend after friend, link after link, like a chain; and you can go up it or down it, as high as you like or as low as you like."

Taken from one of the short stories in the complete short stories of Mark Twain. I am reading this on the commute these days and something abt this quote struck home. Does it not boil down to just this, finding that one friend ?


Apy said...

Interesting.... :)

.m. said...

cool one. thx for sharing