Tuesday, March 01, 2005


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The best time to view the TAJ is not on a moonlit night but on a misty winter morning when the sun is just coming up. Get there early morning in January or February, stand by the gate and grab a cuppa of tea. You have the best seats in the house for the best views in the world. When the sun first starts coming up, the Taj is not yet the poetry in white, it's a mirage in grey that hangs in the sky. You might as well have dreamed it up; so ethereal is this vision of an emperor's love. Few minutes pass by, the suns a little higher the tint has changed from grey to yellow, but the vision has yet to descend to earth. Do linger, for more awaits you. As the sun rises a little higher in the zenith, its rays filter across the various treetops in the vicinity and are reflected off the marble, which now acquires a pink hue. It is also more grounded now. You now know its not a dream but reality etched in stone. The higher the sun rises, the more directly do its rays hit the Taj to make it finally appear white in its pristine glory. The show is over. Grab another cuppa or leave for your hotel room. You have just witnessed something god orchestrates every morning.
I have never seen the TAJ as I have described. I heard this view being described on the ride back from a party. Was half asleep but felt like I cud almost see it. I hope you guys can too.


SeaSwallowMe said...

hey bilbo .. lovely description there !

lilliani said...

bil ...awesome imagination
...but saw Taj lately... has lost its glomour.the surrounding have touched up a little but ...its in mess.

Ram Prasad Bojanki said...

Quite a description, wondering if I have to make it once more early 2007.