Monday, March 21, 2005

Of verses and rhymes and poems that are neither

in their myriad hues,
are penned down here.........
so that my heart,
that carries their load ,
may relieve itself for a while
and then get prepared
for another day.

Rest not your eyes on these.
There is fire here,
smoldering between the words.
It has scarred my soul,
and etched itself on the paper.
It’ll blaze into your heart,
and leave its soot on on your dreams,
just as it has darkened my nights.


We are all lost
in the catacombs of our memory.
Life is a saga of
you remember when.................?
and questions like what if.........?
Etched in our memories,
is a map
of what our life has been.
And may be , a clue
to what it’ll be.
We all traverse these dark tunnels often enough.
At times, lost,
and at times, sure of the rhythm of our feet.
But, travel we must.
For these lanes of our past,
beckon us again and again.
And even as we walk towards tomorrow,
in our minds eye,
We are looking at yesterday.


inspiredbylife said...

Loved the memories poem bilbo... always have a soft corner towards to memories than dreams... donno why! :)

buckwaasur said...

nice verses there...:-)

asuph said...

and at times, sure of the rhythm of our feet.

That's sublime bilbo! I also liked Memories more. A critical comment about the first one: it doesn't have the flow of the latter, neither the words, not the images are coherent, me thinks. but then that's pretty subjective stuff, you can throw it away, if you're happy with it.

Would like to read more of your hindi poems -- you seem much more in control there...