Saturday, March 26, 2005

A day of halves

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Almost a year back................some random musings.

I am sitting on the edge of the window out of my parents room. Half in ...half out. Half in the sun ...half in the shade. There's also a cool breeze.
I can see the rooftops of all my neighbors' houses, Can hear the birds and the insects.
Pencil and a notepad in hand.
No hurry to write down anything.
Just random thoughts.
My hair are clipped in a ponytail loose enough for the breeze to rustle through.
After almost six years, I am back at my parents place. Its a weird feeling. Its like everything is there and I don't want to touch it or mess with it in any way possible.
I have my own room but I haven't decorated it yet. I've been here 20 days. I never take this long to set up my room. Don't know why I am not doing it now.
Its a beautiful day out. Clear sky after two and a half days of incessant rains.
I can hear my mom frying something in the kitchen. She just got done making gulab jamuns. I wonder what she is making now..............
Let me go check.......
Am back. Made one dish. Half actually . Seems to be a day of halves.


buckwaasur said...

very nice...loved reading this

bleu said...

Half beautiful, Half wonderful. :)