Monday, March 14, 2005


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Japanese people are well known for viewing nature in the season when it's most beautiful. In the fall, when the leaves turn red and yellow, it is a popular pastime to view the colourful foliage.The most important element is the maple tree or momiji which turns bright red and yellow in the fall. Since the maple trees are the most important, the practice of viewing them in the fall can also be called momijigari,which literally means hunting the red maple leaves.
So , when in Rome, do as the romans do.
This fall, I was in Japan, and did I go to town with the momijigari or what!
The maple was all around me and it was majestic. In contrast to the Ginko that just turns yellow and falls (all though the yellow littered floor is an awesome sight itself), the japanese maple displays its full spectra of colours from a bright green to a vermillion red, and all the shades of Jenson and Nicholson in between. (Btw, am not getting paid for saying this......I wish I was though , Tokyo is expensive.)
So yeah, as I was saying, I went nuts.I Visited a lot of parks and took pics galore of maple. Green maple, red maple, orange maple, maple with a drop of water waiting to fall from its tip, maple fallen in water, maple covering the surface of a pond, fish peeping from under the maple, maple and lotus get the picture.
Even took one of a yellow maple leaf in the snow. My first maple picture of the year. Had to really trek for this one. Took it at Takao San which happens to be a mountain in the hilly western regions of Tokyo.
For all those interested in the pics, take a peek at


buckwaasur said...

hey bilbo...very nice workplace blocks image hosting sites...will check out the pics when i get home...and welcome to dss, i think u're the first one from japan if i'm not mistaken...:-)

SeaSwallowMe said...

lovely lovely pictures, bilbo ... will take me a few days to work thru your collection. i'll savor it - a few at a time.

keep posting pictures & blogs. am quite sure you're the sole DSSer in Japan, would love to hear your thoughts about living there.

bottled-imp said...

wow bilbo. the photos are brilliant though some dont have captions. i even made one of them my wall paper. the one with lots of water and two maple leaves in it. i hope its ok.

i second ssm's request: please do write more about ur life in japan.

El enigma said...

absolutely stunning pics, bilbo :) just saw ur maple collection
....really very nice :)


cheti said...

bilbo ! Those photos are a treat ! Japanese sense of aesthetics is always refreshing and intriguing ! The fine are of saying "simple is sophisticated" !

I would love to see your description on all photos though .. and the meaning of those name .. shibakoen etc ! lol ! they have anice ring to them !

Guess yoru japanese perspective will be fun !

bilbo said...

hey guys,
thanks a ton for all the comments.
buck I hope you enjoy my pics when u finally see them.
SSM Will try to post more blogs abt japan. The ppl are really nice and make for an enjoyable living experience and hope to write abt that.
bottled-imp I have the same pic as my wallpaper.
enig thanks for the smileys.Much appreciated.
cheti I hear you. The incredible thing is that the aesthetics are maintained in the mass produced things. Like the food in the cafeteria.

asuph said...


thanks for the blog :). those maples are beautifle. I fell in love with them yesterday when I saw them. thanks for sharing those photos.

and keep writing,

Silent Melody said...

Hi Bilbo Glad that you did blog about your pics..What can i say about your pics; they are beautiful. Would love to know more about life in Japan.

Nithya Swaminathan said...

welcome to DSS, were u around in the other place too? Might have missed u i guess..:(

Lovely pics... I am yet to go thru all of them... saw the pics of that tower... loved the one with the yellowish sky and the glowing tower beneath... as if the light from the tower was brightening up the sky..:-)

Will take my own sweet time to check out all the pics.. Keep writing more about Japan...


Ardra said...

Hi Bilbo!
great pix, and welcome to DSS- looking fwd to more from u...