Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Rain and the thoughts in its wake

Its been raining today since morning and surprisingly, I am not grey or blue. I did have some serious thoughts in the morning while on my commute. I use the monorail for part of my commute. It has big picture windows to take in the view . Since, today the view was blocked because of the rains, I could focus more on the droplets. It was interesting to note the different route all the droplets took to eventually get to the bottom of the window. Some just trickled straight down, some blazed past. Some flashed across the window like a meteor and some snaked their way across. Some were fast, while some meandered and took the long and scenic ( for me ) route. Some dithered for a while, taking a few hesitant steps forward, before gaining momentum. Some carved their own path, while some took the easy way out and followed the droplet before them. They all eventually made it to the bottom of the window, but each made much of this short journey, making my commute interesting. I did not have a camera on me and sometimes, I think its a blessing. I focus more on the view than fretting about getting it all. I did look for pics though, and these capture the emotion very well.


.m. said...

hey that was beautiful :)

El enigma said...

I did some experiemnt sometime back on similar lines too, not with rain but just with water drops and here
is what I came up with :-)


dogwood said...

i thoroughly enjoyed your rain description. i decided to tkae a look again at your blog, it is me "mystery person" hahah but i noticed i wrote a descriptive passage on my livejournal sort of similar to that? well its just about colours and things. do check it out if you want, u can leave anoonamous comments. --->