Friday, April 07, 2006

Icarus and my reality

" Sometimes people talk to us but they don't really talk to us. They talk around whatever their reality is . Sometimes they talk just so they don't have to tell us what their reality is. They don't tell us they are hurting- not until it's too late"

I read a lot, and by lot, I mean a- novel- a day lot. And then I keep coming back to some novels again and again. Revisited Icarus, a Russell Andrews thriller and came across these lines. Now I know why I have it on my shelf.

I felt like Patience McCoy was talking about me. Except I am not talking around my reality. I am still looking for my reality. Can catch a glimpse of it sometimes before it disppears on a curve again. It brings its own surprises each time I meet it.

Here's to hoping I make a better acquaintence with it some time soon.


parikrama said...

"Seene Mein Jalan.. Aankhon Mein Toofan Sa Kyu Hein..
Eis Shehar Mein Har Shaqs Pareshaan Sa Kyu Hein.."

Read Ur post yesterday morning, thought of commenting but couldn't come up with anything appropriate. Today morning, I was sipping coffee in our canteen, when this song popped up in my mind & thats when I remembered your post again.

Hope Ur bluesy mood fades away soon. Take Care Bilbs.

bilbo said...

hey whiner,
Thanks for dropping by. Its my turn to get tongue tied.