Friday, April 07, 2006

lunch today or who'da thunk

For some time now , I've been joining my lab mates for lunch at the cafeteria. This time round, its been good. So far, no mixing of all the meats, making me pick out the tiny pork bits and no more allergic reactions. I am keeping my fingers crossed.
Today we had something I'd never thought of having. We had ochazuke. Its a combination of rice , toppings and green tea. I mean seriously, who'da thunk!! Hmm this tea looks nice. wait a min, lemmme pour it over my rice. Had I done something like that at my family dining table, I'd have been sent up to my room without dinner. It looked quite interesting and was not too bad, if I do say so to myself. The strong tea taste of green tea was missing, all though the aroma was definitely there.
Just when you think that you've seen it all, the cuisine here throws you a new curve.

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Apy said...

wat the ...........anyways .. if it tasted good to u .. great.. :D