Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Things that need to be said

Thanks, sorry and I miss you. In no particular order, to not one person. Different people that have come into my life when I've needed them. They've done their part and moved on. And I am left with these words.
No matter how eloquent my poems sound, how forceful my debates become, when it comes to real life, my vocabulary is inadequate and my speech incoherent.


bharath said...

very incoherently put. great! :)

you shouldn't include in that thanks, sorry, miss you, the words that didn't come to your aid when you most wanted them to. :P

.m. said...

everyone comes with an 'expiry date' in our lives... for a reason? once their role over, they move on and we have to do the same? no other choice??
can so totally understand that post