Monday, December 31, 2007

ME-me 2007

Main manta hoon
Main is baat se poori tarah se sehmat hoon
Jab tum kehti ho
Ki, " Shayar na hote, to bahut jhoote insaan hote tum"

( I admit, I fully agree with you , when , you say, that, If I hadn't been a poet, I'd have been a liar)

started this meme and I picked it up at Parikrama's. It's easy. All one has to do is post a pic one has snapped in the year 2007 and also a short write up on why that pic.

I snapped this pic in may this year. I've come a long way with the camera. While I've always loved to take photographs of people, I love it even more when my subjects or victims (if you want to put it this way) enjoy being in front of the camera. The pics come out better if I know the person well and have a nice conversation going. They come out even better when I am drunk :P.

Anyhoo, I love this particular pic because after I got done taking it, the great man himself smiled and said, " she looks happy, looks like she got some good shots."
So while people have liked their portraits after they've seen them, this is the first time some one could make out how the shot would turn out from reading the photographer's expression.

I did take a few prints of the photographs and showed them to the gentleman in question and after that as they say, "apun ki toh nikal padi." I got requests for this pic and the others I had taken, this one has also been published and I was introduced to the other people present as a very good photographer.

For those who are trying to guess the subject, it is the great man of hindi/urdu poetry , Sampooran Singh Gulzar

This pic is special to me as it is taken at a time when I was really struggling. Sometimes, a morale boost in one area , helps one in others as well. We all need the reinforcement of the belief that we can do a good job. This pic was just that for me.

The year 2007 brought with it a lot of special moments like these and is ending on another moment. Hopefully 2008 would do the same.


Captain Nemo said...

Very nice... Now that 2007 has come to an end, everyone hopes that you carry on with the same positive note in 2008 and click even better pics of people and places.
In other words, may you meet interesting people and visit interesting places. Have a great year ahead...

parikrama said...
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parikrama said...

Way to go Billy. That's an extremely rare & special catch. The man himself ! and to have gotten words of appreciation from him.. is really special.

While reading/watching some of his interviews in magazines & on TV, I had noticed this peculiar trait of him holding his specs (rather precariously) between lips. It does lend for a very unique and eye catching portrait.

Happy 2 0 0 8 to you and your near and dear ones.. and thanks for your wishes in my Smriti Mishra lookalike hunt. Apun ko toh aaj kal Ruby Bhatia lookalike bhi chalegi ;-)