Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Am I weird or am I weird ???

Posting here a conversation I had with a friend .

A: hello!
B: hey dude
A: how are you?
B : long time no see.
A: I guess weekend no see!
B: I guess so
A: so whassup with you?
B: me wondering if I should stop being a grammar Nazi
A: why?
A: what happened?
B: turns out almost no one speaks grammatically correct English anymore
B: and bad grammar is a pet peeve
A :)
B: any guy I talk to in the matrimonial context does some grammar hara-kiri and that’s it for him
B: cya
B: I mean I find it really hard to go on talking after that
A: lady: you have lot of misplaced priorities!
B: ya think
A: yup
B: okie how
B: am all ears
A: grammar is not something you test ppl on a matrimony site
B: see it from my view
A: ok
A: whats your view??
B: u agree its ok for guys to check for chemistry
B: so looks matter to them
B: say yes or no so I can proceed
A: yes
B: similarly for gals, and since we are talking abt me, nothing's gonna happen down south, if its not happening up in the mind
B: and bad grammar is the equivalent of a cold shower
A: ahh!
B: in fact worse
A: I guess ... my statement should have been you have your own priorities which might not m ach with a lot of guys out there
B: I don’t have to match priorities with the general riff raff
B: one guy who is for me
B: that’s pretty much it
B: just wondering if two straight sentences in flawless grammar is too much to ask for
B: I just told this dude we'd talk later, he made the same darn mistake the third time
A: :))
B: I told him it was way too much to handle
A: on messenger no one really cares about grammar!
B: I frikkin do
B: and a mistake once is a typo
B: the same mistake three times in a row
B: please
B: that’s a problem
B: I should move back to NYC and date the flirt guy
B: he is beginning to sound more attractive: D
A: what’s this mistake btw?
B: was u able to see
A: uggh
B: using was every time were is supposed to be used
B: my reaction exactly
A: that’s not a slip or a typo or a messenger thing
B: I tolya
A: the guy doesn’t know English! ;)
B: most of em don’t
B: I am telling ya
A: must have been traumatic to type it out! ;)
B: it was
B: can u imagine me being married to that?
B: I’d hang myself
B: the other day I mentioned sedentary to another guy and he asked me what it meant
B: I asked him what his masters was in again
B: he told me comps
B: and I was like and u dunn know the meaning, what was the medium of instruction?
B: he proceeded to tell me that it was in comps and so was technical and he wasn’t a writer
A: I think you scare off guys! :))
B: better scare em off now
A: you are bad news to most guys’ egos!
B: then to be looking for a good divorce lawyer
B: I mean what would I tell a judge
A: :))
B: I am trying to imagine it now and cracking up
B: I mean I don’t even know how to tell my folks why
I have trouble meeting guys
B: ?
A: that’s definitely a difficult task!
B: tell me abt it
B: and I can’t even tell her the down south reason
B: middle class unmarried Indian gals aren’t supposed to talk like that
B: heck I don’t suppose they talk like to their moms even after marriage
B: that
A: hmm!
A: thats outta scope for me ;)
B: me too
B: actually
[B: and long distance calls aren’t the way to do it


Apy said...

now, since you are calling yourself weird who am I to argue... but the grammatical mistakes can be a turn off... there are some mistakes which can be ignored but there are some which make the other person look stupid...
pliss pliss pliss.. dont count the number of mistakes in the above statement... main sirf gyan de rha tha.... :P

Anonymous said...

bilbo, I do agree that bad grammar is a terrible put-off, and I too cringe at it. But I'd really encourage you to see beyond this. Bad grammar can be rectified, but a good attitude and being on the same wavelength as far as basic life values go are even harder to come by. My sincere advice is not to throw the baby out with the bath water, as difficult as it might be for you.


Salonii said...

Yo bilbs! Sensible advice that, from Ano - language can be learnt, a good attitude? Nah!

Get to know the person as far as possible before deciding - some of the nicest men I know, can't speak two straight sentences in English, but can converse beautifully in Hindi - and are absolute gems!!!

So yeah - while I agree on the bad grammar part {I am a grammar nazi myself :)},I would say look a little further - you may have yourself a gem! :)

parikrama said...

You are weird. Majorly weird. Okay i know it may sould like the pot calling the kettle black, but that's weird even by my standards.

Do listen to the advise dished out by the two wise aunties(Ano,Sal).

parikrama said...

Excuse the typo :

*sould* ---> sound

( i know it may sound like ) ..

Of all the posts, I had to falter on this one! There goes my chance of hooking up with you.. :(

bilbo said...

Of all the posts, I had to falter on this one! There goes my chance of hooking up with you.. :(

I am cracking up on that one
and if you hadn;t pointed it out, I would not have noticed. I read it as sound.

Hooking up with me??!!
You sure you wanna hook up with some one weirder by even your standards?

bilbo said...

talk abt language problems.
I messed up the punctuation on my own grammar nazi post :(

parikrama said...

>> You sure you wanna hook up with some one weirder by even your standards?

Well in 5 years time, say, if you still couldn't find your Mr. Gramatically Perfect & I couldn't lay my hands on Ms. Smriti Mishra look alike, then why not (go hookies with yu). Sure, I am game for it.

bilbo said...

Is that a deal ?
Do we shake on it ?

parikrama said...

Done. Chalo Happy Weekend. BBye

Vivek.Sharma said...

I grinned first, and then stopped grinning, for I realized that the question is "the question". As IW points out, go by the advice of the "aunties".

By and by, I have realized that I don't need to have a mathematician for a wife or girlfriend, then I realized her being a English or Hindi speaker is also secondary. I spend 12-14 hours on science, 2-4 on literature and I guess my partner need not be interested in both of those.

Grammar and vocabulary are good attributes, but I'll rather be with someone whose grammar and vocabulary of emotion is richer than that of language or words.

My dearest Bilbo, you might turn some grammar idiot into a Kalidasa!! Just give people chance to make their mistakes...

(I tink my wrds r lost to ur I 4 I may hve mispelt certain wrds. Need I say, I am imitating latest spelling style of some prize winning authors like Nye.....)

Even Shakespeare's English sucketh!

bilbo said...

hey vivs,
My first reaction to your comment was , " ewwwww".
That said, why not really waste my breath here and explain.
I do spend a considerable amount of time on science and then literature as you put it, and like you, I am not expecting my spouse to be interested in either. However, good grammar or lack thereof is a pet peeve. It is personal and I don't expect any one to understand it. It is the equivalent to someone making the screeching noise on the blackboard. I don't want to live with that and I can't emphasize it enough.
Also the bad grammar I mention, is where, I am absolutely unable to make head or tail of what the conversation is about. Bad grammar coupled with lack of respect for me and my gender, which is, more often the case, is a sure nail in the coffin of any one talking to me in the matrimonial context.
On a tangent, I have had butt ugly guys, say no to me cus I was dark or short, or fat or that they thought because of my family profile I'd be too high flying and hard to handle. When guys can have such random criteria, I am sure I am allowed to humor some of my whims.
Was shakespeare allowed to suck :P