Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Horoscope for resolutions

Says the MSN astrology page

what does mine say

1) Fun has never been a problem. During August and September, resolve to show the higher-ups the brains behind that humor everyone loves.
2) Get even more serious about your short-term goals by fall.
3) Don't deny yourself that new experience you've been craving, be it a trip or a class.
4) Make nice-nice with your family. March might be best. (No faces, now.)
5) Aim to make yourself happy by becoming really, truly intimate with someone.

With Fall being the expected date of graduation, I would be needing those grey cells out in their full glory. Hope they don't object to the exhibition.

Yep, with a trip expected in march-april, I better suck it up and just go meet my folks.

Now that was easy, wasn't it.

Did some one say, we read into the horoscopes, what we really want to see? I guess so.

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LL said...

Good Luck for your resolutions Bilbsie