Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Random musings

Haven't been posting for a while, but I guess this could wait. Had a lot on the plate and then on the mind. Am done with some of the actual work but when does the mind really take a break.

In the last wk, got diagnosed with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Did not really want to tell the folks about it , but they did learn of it via bro the tattle tale. Was asked to quit and come home. Makes me wonder, if my dreams mean something only to me and nothing to any body else. They definitely merit less than my health. Am I really whole , if I am perfectly healthy but not actively striving to achieve what I dream of.

A friend left for home and some time really well spent came to an end. Wrote to another friend about it and she called at the first opportunity she got. Just words , some written some spoken and some still in the mind, yet, a connection was re-inforced. So was the feeling that all said and done, we are human and will not survive in a vacuum. Be it, material or emotional.

Was late in returning home yesterday and as it had become a habit to call a friend on nights like these, I almost picked up the phone to call, realising just in time, that in this instant, the call won't get picked up. The habits we get into and the time we spend to get out of .

And that brings me to my commute to work today. Another metro moment, another Tokyo memory or a snapshot of life, that I can cherish in my mind and smile back at. A lady, trying to and eventually succeeding in capturing a long green grasshopper in a starbucks paper bag for her little daughter. Having the grasshopper safely ensconced in the bag, she looked up to see her lil daughter clapping for her and me smiling at her. She smiled back.

And now am at work. You can get back to it too. :)


Hope Floats ! said...

So was the feeling that all said and done, we are human and will not survive in a vacuum. Be it, material or emotional.---The best lines on those philosophical writing of urz

Silent Melody said...

hey Bilbs , I read about the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome on your other blog and wanted to comment. But somehow did not get the time. This is really bad; I hope you get better soon and u better listen to your doc :-) This was a real nice ramble but are you taking enuff rest dear? I have been so busy lately and have been just reading all the blogs. No posting and commenting. Now just catching up with all the commenting. You take care!!

cheti said...

Hey Billy

Yeah Habits die hard. Particularly when one wishes that they dont die. Its a funny world : each one has their own priority. And they want every one else's priority aligned with theirs. At the end of the day, its each one for their own. Take care of yourself. Take care of your dream. THat is what matters at the end.

Fizo said...

so cool abt the lady getting the grasshopper for her daughter...oh the things we do for our kids..but to see that smile that lights up on their face along with - you are my hero(ine) in their eyes...pricesless!!

hope you feel better yaar...nice ramble btw!

Apy said...

hmmmm.. u kno wat .. may be that frind of yours also misses those calls and those long chats... may be that friend is also sad... u neva know.... yeah.. i m sure things mus have changed.. but dont wrry .. frnz always stick around.. always...

Scarlett_OHara said...

Take care of your self girl and that includes taking care of your dreams too. Anything your folks say is motivated by concern, but it doesnt always help does it :-)

I guess the thing to remember that really, the only person who is answerable to your dreams is you and you alone. The rest of the world just wont get it...and sometimes that includes our closest hang in there...


El enigma said...

hey bilbo..get well soon girl, I've already started missing ur photoblogging sprees :)


bilbo said...

thanks guys,
hope floats : thats a nice name for a blog. thanks for visiting.
Mel : Been taking rest so going easy on the blogging and all that velagiri.
Chet : yep, thats what matters in the end.
fizz : so when are u posting another fishy story.
Apy : :))))
scary : am hangin in there :)
enig : :)