Monday, June 26, 2006

The T-tag

Burfi did the honors for this one. grrr. But, atleast he took the pain of coming up with one of his own :P .

Here goes nothing
1. Most desirable celebrity : Johnny Depp
why, jack sparrow any one?!!

2.Want to do this one day:roll my own sushi

I live in Japan for cryin out loud.

3. Want to visit this place: Shirakawa -go in the gifu prefecture

the houses with their unique roofs have been designated as Unesco's cultural heritage site. enuff said.

4. Random favourite : A tan gone awry

Dude, what were u upto, haan, haan ??

Would have put up a screen shot, of my screen where Burf tagged me, but for some reason, it aint working now. Will try again later.
For now, here it is. And am not tagging any one, but my two readers are free to pick this up. Arigato gozaimashita.

worked this time

5. where did I pick this tag up: in the comment section of my "I am back" post.

Thanks dude.


Apy said...

i dont think u were talkin bout me wen u mentioned 2 readers.. i kno i kno .. i m sure bout that.. phew!!..
befr reading wat u wrote in this tag.. i had to look evwhere fr my name.. jus in case u too... gt

cheti said...

where the heck did you get that Tan photo ROTFL !!!!

whats you been upto ! long time !

burf said...

lol, the tan pic

and tnx dear :D

bilbo said...

apy dude, u left a comment, and so did chet, makes two readers, dunnit? So u both gotta do it.

chet, got all the pics from google images. Googled for gag pics for the tan pic. This was fun.

Burf, glad u liked it. I aim to please.

.m. said...

lol this was fun ! :)