Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Matrubhoomi - some thoughts

Watched Matrubhoomi a couple of months back. Needless to say, it still haunts me. A movie that starts with a father anxiously waiting the arrival of its child and then drowning that same child in a huge pot of milk, and ends with another child being born, completes a vicious cycle. Both children are girls. One's fate, we are made aware of and the other's is left unknown. We can hope for a good future but do we dare to?
This study has been in the news for a while and is being refuted by the concerned authorities. I guess the authorities can go blue in their collective faces but with reports of men from bihar and haryana paying huge amounts of dowry in order to get married provides its own support to the study.
What matrubhoomi did for me , was hit one fact home , real hard. Women are still considered things. Things to be sold, to be bought. to be used , to be abused and then to be discarded. And till that fact changes, studies like this will be around. Because women will be treated bad , if not killed outright at birth. Makes me wonder if that's the kindest cut of all. It saves them from the later misery.
Won't say more about the movie. It has to be watched.


cheti said...

quiet a depressing extrapolation of a grim reality!!!

Neets said...

actually recently i learnt that no matter how educated a guy might be, how ever forward-thinking he might look, there is always room far a chance that the guy looks at his wife as an object. why stop at wife, daughter too counted. sometimes when i see women go thru problems that they wouldnt have had if they were men... i do feel like, 'why give this life ,if it was meant to go bad like this?' honestly speaking, had you blog allowed anonymous comments i would have written more, but you dont leave me a choice than being my self- do u?

bilbo said...

welcome back neeta,
Had left a comment on your dhafra blog. You can always email me and we can talk about this issue some more , only if you are comfortable off course.
take care

bharath said...

one cannot just despair at now, but also have hope from where we are trying to go. there is always bound to be inertia, but hey if we don't look for good, it won't happen, right?

yes, its a shame. but you may know that women support groups that is prevalent in tamilnadu, kerala, orissa and is a strong influence in local social attitude. all this is government effort as of now.

Peppy said...

hey bilbo,

its weird--was thinking along kinda similar issues last week or so..foolishly or not, self had always thought that education was key to most problems women face..probably in a fairly utopian world, self always figured that if education worked, women became self-sufficient enough to prove their worth, in a way, so that female infanticide doesnt become absolutely necessary..but hey, guess what ..dowry exists, and fairly rampantly [well lesser than before, but not GONE inspite of being illegal]..wots the point then? these are educated people expecting and paying up dowry, for educated daughters and what not...whacked me out as i wondered if education was really an answer, we are talking the so-called well-educated people contributing to the fairly disgusting practice...I did manage to get depressed a bit at the thought, [while a certain someone at home did hint that the present generation, even if they've taken and given dowry (if they have) wouldnt follow that practice for the future generations, its still no consolation]

and bharat, women's group can work to oppose it all, be it female infanticide or 'paying up to get rid of dotter' dowry deals..but when you see educated morons indulge in dowry [and yep, surprise, its more rampant than i would like to believe.passively or actively] it doesnt exactly get the optimism up.

Neets said...

hi dear, i hope you recieved my mail. the Al-dhafra blog lies there just to catch the attention of people .
Very thoughtful of you , but i guess i could talk more as we ge to know eachother better.
So tell me ,whats the full form of you college.
i actually blog a lil more seriously in

Ferocious Killer Kat said...

also what is shown in matrubhoomi sort of implies of this problem in rural areas. i agree on that point, but this problem is now increasing in urban areas too, where educated people have a means to find out using technology if they are goin to have a male or female child. Abort if female child. A lot of people say that education would solve most of our problems. I don't think so. I think mass awareness, and right kind of education might alleviate it.