Saturday, May 07, 2005

Some vignettes from an evening well spent.

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Seen on a T-shirt in the subway : We all need something to believe in ........................I believe I'll have another beer.
That's what the evening was all about:beer, good authentic homemade Indian food and all my colleagues, having a nice time.
I am the sole Indian in an all-Japanese lab. Need less to say, much curiosity exists about all things Indian. This dinner was long overdue and hopefully some curiosity was satisfied about how an Indian family entertains. Mom had gone all out with her cooking. I was designated to explain to our guests what each thing was made of. Funnily, plenty of lentils figured on the menu. Finally I said yeah you guys eat a lot of beans as in tofu, we eat a lot of lentils. That worked for then.
Bossman had brought his toddler along, who once again had the run of the house. A three year old kid who is more of a Mexican jumping bean than anything else. And yes, he is familiar with naan, but just to be on the safe side, had brought his cheerios along. He enjoyed his snack and later, thankfully the food, that mom had taken pains to make non spicy while still retaining the flavor.
No, a dinner is not complete without my good friend in the lab getting drunk on one glass of beer. Yes, he has a strong case of Asian glow and no tolerance whatsoever for alcohol. But guess what, the first thing he wanted was beer. After dinner, he also wanted to know what he was having for dessert. Yeah you guessed it. He loved the rasogulla the best.
The final round in any Indian dinner has to be saunf. That took some explaining. Its herb (!), it's a mouth freshener, its an after meal digestive. I think my Asian glow friend just had enough of my explanation and he did not trust it much. So he asked my brother, this green thing, it looks like grass, is it legal. My bro the smart ass said without batting an eyelid. Its not, but we have diplomatic immunity. Its ok.
That and mom literally fed the jumping bean lil sugar lumps from her hand. I had to tell her, Ma, it's a kid, not a horse.
All in all, a fun evening. I believe I'll drink to that, or smoke some of my illegal stuff.


buckwaasur said...

rotfl @ diplomatic immunity...i just love deadpan retorts like that...:-))

Silent Melody said...

Hey Bilbo; Nice post and ROTFL @ your bro's retort.

And hey me and hubby have that T-Shirt you talk about in the beginning. :-)

(On vacation but had to read and Comment on DSS, right??)

inmyeye said...

what buck said... plus...

wish i could come up with retorts like that with a straight face...

lol @ the mexican jumping bean and the sugar lumps...