Tuesday, April 05, 2005

We are all Shylocks

We are all Shylocks
hoping , looking.
waiting and scheming,
for our pound of flesh.

Do we care,
whose blood we spill,
or, whose tears flow?
No, No, No.

We gave,
and now, we want it back.
On our terms,
according to our whims.
Eyes shining with greed,
rubbing hands with glee.
smile on our lips,
Dagger in our hand.
We wait............
for an ungaurded moment.
for a bared vulnerability.
hoping, looking.
Waiting and scheming,
For our pound of flesh

We, after all,
are all Shylocks.


asuph said...

I wonder why such poems always have "we" pov? Does it make it easier to digest? Does it let off the writer of a guilt or does it intend to let off the reader -- for writer is also sharing the guilt?

Some of the poem reminded me of "Dogs" from Animals (Pink Floyd). It has its moments, but looks too much of the the bitten track. It looks more of a catharsis, and yes it has its own value, but I have my reservations.


bilbo said...

thanks for your comment, and point of view.
AS for using "we" as opposed to "they" or any other collective word, It is to avoid coming off as holier than thou. More of an admission than accusation. Really was not thinking of guilt.

As for catharsis, I have my reservations too. As I said, dont know where it came from. Was setting up my experiment and the shylock part was just a random thought from nowhere. Maybe seeing gollum go , "My precious" had something to do with it. :)


asuph said...

well, regarding we, I thought so, for I do it too. But then i think it loses it's edge, if one is doing it just "not to sound" holier than thou. For if words are meant to haunt, then they can't at the same time be apologetic, even in principle. It defeats the whole purpose.



bilbo said...

here, I beg to differ. It does serve its purpose.
It does haunt, without accusing. The guity party shapes up without getting the proverbials in a knot.
An admission is not neccessarily an apology. Now I dont know how much sense I am making, but Ive seen it happen.

buckwaasur said...

its good to be shylock...rather than at the receiving end of shylock's machinations...:-))

cheti said...